The 13th Chairman Kyung-il Jung, takes office of the Korean Association for Radiation Application.

30 Apr

The 13th Chairman Kyung-il Jung, takes office of the Korean Association for Radiation Application.

Focusing on establishing a strong trust relationship with the member companies to establish an identity of the association.

Our company’s CEO, Kyung-il Jung , was elected the 13th new chairman of the Korea Association for Radiation Application and began his three-year term with an inauguration ceremony on April 11.
New Chairman Kyung-il Jung is currently the CEO of Samyoung Unitech, the first director of the Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Science, vice president of the Korea Association for Radiation Protection, and vice president of the Korean Society of Radiation Industry.
Chairman of the “Atomxport 2.0 Club” who served as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and is currently responsible for sharing and exchange activities, The Korean Atomic Energy Association’s Council (17th to 25th generation), the Korean Association for Radiation Protection’s Industrial-Academic Union Committee, etc. It has been making efforts for the promotion and safety of the nation’s radiation industry.

Korean Association for Radiation Application
the 13th chairman inauguration ceremony. 04. 11. 2019

In particular, he has been a director of the Korea Association of Associates, the predecessor of the association, since 2003.

Since 2013, he has served as vice president of the association and has devoted himself to the development of the association.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the honorary chairman of the association and the former vice chairman, as well as the heads of organizations related to nuclear and radiation.

The event was held at 5 p.m. on October 11 at the Ubong Hall of the association, with about 80 representatives from its member companies, executives and employees attending.

Kyung-il Jung, who took office as the 13th chairman, delivered his inaugural address.

 “Through the efforts of our former chairmen, member companies and honored guests over the past 34 years, Korea Radiation Promotion Association has grown into a society that shows firm and stable organization of the day” he said.

Upon being sworn in he also expressed his strong ambitions that “We are trying to overcome the current situation of the association, which is suffering from internal and external difficulties.

In particular, we want to restore the identity of our association by building a close and solid trust relationship with our member companies,” he said in an inaugural speech.

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