Nuclear engineers, “Support Developing Countries”

14 May

Nuclear engineers, “Support Developing Countries”


GINIS, Establishment of ‘Radiation Safety Technology Center’ in Dalat University,

Vietnam Sustainable Radiation Safety Capacity Enhancement and Expectations

for Science and Technology Development.

With technological support for developing countries and potential nuclear technology demand countries expanding in many ways, Korea’s private research institute has stepped up efforts to strengthen its radiation safety management capacity in Vietnam.

Dr. Kim Si-hwan, who led the nuclear fuel localization project for light-water reactors in the 1980s, and the Global Nuclear Strategy Institute (CTO, Kim Hyo-jeong), led by Korea’s highly experienced nuclear experts, will establish a “Radiation safety technology center” at Dalat University in Vietnam on Tuesday, April 22. 2019 in local time and provide support for enhanced radiation safety management and environmental radiation monitoring capabilities.

The Global Institute for Nuclear Strategy (GINIS), a non-profit division established in 2014 by highly experienced nuclear experts from domestic nuclear industry, academia and research institutes, is conducting comprehensive technical inquiries on nuclear energy technologies, including developing nuclear industry policies, supporting small and medium-sized companies’ bottleneck technology and supporting the establishment of infrastructure for nuclear technology demand countries.

To improve the quality of people’s lives and preserve the environment by safely using nuclear power, fostering nuclear and radiation safety personnel and securing capabilities are essential. To this end, GINIS has helped Dalat University grow into a specialized nuclear and radiation safety university in Vietnam,and by opening of the Radiation Safety Technology Center their efforts finally came to fruition.

The Center for Radiation Safety Technology  is a venue for conveying Korea’s radiation safety management experience and technology, and will develop customized programs suitable for Vietnam and play a pivotal role in Vietnam’s nuclear safety. In particular, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and Samyoung Unitech Co.Ltd.,which have experience in related source technologies and commercialization, will participate together to greatly improve the quality of life and preserve the environment

by fostering manpower and strengthening their capacity for monitoring environmental radiation.

Since January, GINIS has been carrying out the Korea Research Foundation’s science and technology support projects in developing countries that support the nation’s science and technology to ensure sustainable development of developing countries and improve the quality of life for local residents. Through this project,

the government will continue to transfer Korea’s appropriate technology for radiation safety and environmental monitoring, and train experts in radiation safety to assist countries in enhancing their radiation safety capabilities.

Kim Hyo-jeong , research director of GINIS said, “By establishing a network specializing in radiation safety between Korea and Vietnam to share knowledge and experience, we will spread awareness of the excellence and safety of South Korea’s nuclear technology in Vietnam.”




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