Samyoung Unitech was founded on July 3, 1992 as a manufacturer of industrial and automation machinery and has since developed into one of Asia’s top companies in the field of nuclear medicine. In 2000, the company started the new millennium by significantly transforming its operations into a nuclear technology enterprise through partnerships and agreements with major public and private scientific organizations. As a result, Samyoung Unitech became the first Korean company to produce radiopharmaceuticals such as Technetium-99m and Sodium Iodide-131, in addition to cyclotrons and associated peripheral devices necessary for the production of other important medical radioisotopes.

The company augmented its technical capabilities through a technology transfer from the Russian IPPE program and obtained ISO 9001 certification to verify its compliance with global business standards. In addition to its production of medical isotopes, Samyoung Unitech installed Korea’s first domestic cyclotron, the KOTRON-13 in domestic market and overseas.

In 2010, Samyoung Unitech received the 100 Million Dollar Export Tower Prize and was given an Award for New Technology Commercialization (cyclotron technology) by the Prime Minister of Korea. Another milestone was reached when Samyoung was acknowledged by the Minister of Education, Science and Technology for its outstanding contributions to international nuclear cooperation.

Opened new GMP production facility in Daejeon, Korea
Installed first cyclotrons overseas at Vietnam’s Danang Hospital and Hanoi Irradiation Center
Established partnership with Kamrusepa Samyoung in Turkey to produce radiopharmaceuticals for distribution in Central Asia and the Middle East
Received cyclotron technology transfer (KOTRON-13) from KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences)
Concluded an agreement with KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) on the application of medical radioisotope production facilities
Granted authorization to produce and sell radioisotopes by Korean Ministry of Science and Technology
Changed name to Samyoung Unitech and established new research center annex
Samyoung Comprehensive Machines Corporation founded in Gyeongi province


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  • 11th Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine and Biology
  • Oct. 31 - Nov. 4, 2015